Welcome at the reception

What is it ?
Psychoanalysis is a practice of listening, speech and reception.
The psychoanalysis session is a place of testimony. The fundamental rule of psychoanalysis forbids judging or dictating what can be said.
I discovered this practice on the occasion of a long personal analysis. I then happened to take my analysis all the way to the end, which makes me available to you.

For whom ?
There is no admission criteria :
I am receiving in relation to suffering, difficulties or illness that are psychique, emotional, of abuse and mistreatment, physical, relational and moral.

There is no age restriction either to profit from sessions with a psychoanalyst.

In français, English or deutsch.

Maybe you will book a session by phone or by email. Then the first session is free of charge. I am giving up to 40 minutes for a session.
But each session is of variable length : it is for example possible that 40 minutes is too long or that what had to be said was said in less time.
Nothing stops you from staying silent during a session. I am adapting to you.

Maybe you will come to another session. Now the sessions are at charge.
The price of a session is 80 € with the possiblity of negociation to adapt the price to what you can give.

Maybe following your first sessions you decide to come to your session regularly. You decide how often per week or per month.

For what purpose ?

This depends on your uniqueness.

Maybe to find time for oneself, someone who listens or answers that you need ant that correspond.
Maybe to learn about oneself ; maybe to learn something about relationships, life, the body, desire, sex or death.
Maybe to interest yourself in your history.
Maybe something completely different.

Maybe to do what is called analytic work.
Maybe to be in psychoanalysis.

The door is open.


Léonard Kempf
11 Rue du Faubourg Saint Jaumes
34000 Montpellier

07 83 17 30 66