Welcome and presentation

What is it ?
A practice of listening and speech.
We are beings of speech.
I practice a living analysis: fro me, what is important, is what the human being – the person – that comes to consult me says.
I will always follow that person instead of following a theory.

You consult me during sessions. In a session, the fundamental rule of psychoanalysis forbids to dictate and to judge what can be said; there is no taboo on what one has the right to say.

In session, you are listened to, you receive a treatement by speech, and one does a work.

For whom ?
The reason to call a mental health professional often is a suffering, a problem, a conflict or a dead end.
Or that one is mentally ill or ill in their soul.
Since this is a practice of listening, I don’t have any criteria for who to listen to neither to what age.

To give examples, call if you suffer from axiety, phobia, depression, the loss of a loved one, romantic disappointment, an existential crisis, a difficult or traumatic childhood, abuse.

I practice in français, English or Deutsch.

The child is always innocent.
Tragic events are nobody’s fault – the adult can gain responsability for himself and his actions – the adult can in fact be guilty of actions – but the child in him is always innocent.
Thoughts are free, they are not actions.

~ Leonard Kempf

Let’s say you make an appointment by phone or by mail. I also offer my services online.
You come to my practice and the appoinment is sitting face to face.
The session time is your time.
One session is up to 40 minutes. I reserve 40 minutes for you.
But the sessions are of variable length, which is important. For example: one can have said what one had to say in less time; or 40 minutes simply is too long.

The first session is free.
Your fee should at least represent sufficient value to you. The session fees start at 100€.
The session time is your time.

You can choose to come regularly with a certain frequency. For a certain duration or indefinite duration. This, together with the fee, is a work contract.

Whether one moves to the couch (see picture below) depends on the person, their demand, the moment in the analytic work and the frequency of consultation. At the beginning, this is a less important question.

Which goal ?

There is no given goal or standard result.

– Maybe you already have a goal or objective yourself with which you come tom e, I listen to you and follow you in any case. The session time is your time.
– To come receive a treatment by speech. We are beings of speech.
– Work on what brings you to consult.
– Have a space and time for oneself, outside and even beside daily life and society.

Generally speaking, one doesn’t know where one will arrive when one starts to consult a or to look for help with a psychoanalyst.
It is often a very personal and subjectif path. Which is one of the keys and strong points of psychoanalysis.

The door is open.
Simply adress your demand by phone or by e-mail.


Léonard Kempf
11 Rue du Faubourg Saint Jaumes
34000 Montpellier

07 83 17 30 66